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Changes in the Tariff for Legal Entities and Private Clients

September 4, 2018

Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that as of 4th of November 2018 the following changes in in the Tariffs for Legal Entities and for Private Clients come into force as follows:

1.  Fees for cash operations in current accounts of Private Clients and Legal Entities, which are carried out by the account holder will be:

   Cash withdrawal at an ATM of the Bank:

     • amount up to EUR 1,000 - EUR 1 per transaction

     • amount above  EUR 1,001 -  EUR 2 + 0.3% on the on the amount exceeding EUR 1,000

   Depositing of cash in a current account via drop box, ATM, cash deposit machine:

       • amount up to EUR 1,000 - free of charge

       • amount above EUR 1,001 - 0.15% on the amount exceeding EUR 1,000, (minimum/ EUR 1.50). 

2.  Monthly fee for internet banking servicing for an Active current account of Private Clients will be EUR 5.

With your Active current account, you have access to all banking services and manage your funds 24 hours, 7 days a week. You receive a free Visa debit card, Internet banking and a FlexSave saving account. By paying only one fixed monthly fee, you have free of charge:

  •   Unlimited in-bank transfers via Internet banking;
  •   Unlimited interbank transfers to other domestic bank in Greece via Internet banking;
  •   Contributions and withdrawals of ProCredit ATM up to EUR 1 000;
  •   Payments to public utility organizations;
  •   POS payments around the country and abroad;
  •   1 ATM withdrawal from another bank in the country monthly.

3.  Non-sepa transfers (EUR outside of the European Community and other currencies) through Internet banking will be EUR 15.  

4.  Monthly maintenance fee of a current account under distrainment will be EUR 75

5.  Monthly maintenance fee of a current account under distrainment in the case of received provisional order will be EUR 125.


For more information, please contact us at 231600840 or 801 100 71 71.



ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD – Thessaloniki Branch