Our Team

ProCredit Bank's Team

We at ProCredit Bank understand that the key to providing high quality service lies in building a team of motivated, professionally competent staff who are jointly committed to the bank’s mission and objectives, and who work well together on the basis of mutual trust and respect. 

Everybody who wishes to become a part of ProCredit Bank’s team is required to go through a six-month training course - the ProCredit Entry Programme.This is a unique opportunity for candidates to gauge whether their aptitudes and personal qualities fit in well with our way of working.

ProCredit Bank is an institution with a clear and meaningful business model and our approach to remuneration reflects this. Instead of bonuses for results achieved, our employees receive fixed salaries. We reach our targets because of our internal motivation to work for an ethical financial institution oriented towards the development of business and society as a whole.

The bank’s organisational structure is designed to support the creation of long-term customer relationships. At head office level, our departments are devoted to the development and implementation of our strategy in every aspect of our work. In the front office, our banking services experts are well prepared to consult private clients as well as business clients. In order to make banking more convenient for our clients, the bank has introduced modern Self-Service Areas throughout the country where clients can access the most frequently-used banking services even outside business hours. Business Client Advisers at the Branches and Service Centres are responsible for building long-term relationships based on honest dialogue and mutual trust.