POS terminals

The installation of ProCredit Bank POS terminals in your commercial outlets enables you to accept cashless payments from any customer who holds a card.

General information

  • POS terminals from ProCredit Bank enable you to take advantage of safe, non-cash payments, thereby giving you the opportunity to increase your sales turnover; 
  • Your customers may not always have cash with them, but their card enables them to pay directly from their card account;
  • The POS terminals accept local cards, as well as international bank cards carrying the VISA logo;
  • ProCredit Bank provides free advertising materials and instructions for using the device, as well as offering a free technical maintenance service.


How will a ProCredit Bank POS terminal help your business to expand?

  • Fast completion of purchase - transactions are authorised in seconds;
  • Security - the total value of the sale is credited to your bank account;
  • The risk of human error is reduced - physical counting of money is eliminated;
  • Losses caused by accidentally accepting counterfeit banknotes are eliminated - transfers are effected electronically;
  • You control and regulate your cash stocks, thus eliminating the risk of storing large amounts of cash on your premises;
  • You save the time and effort needed for physical processing, transportation and depositing the cash at the bank - the money is credited directly into your company bank account;
  • Increase your sales - clients have access to larger financial resources via their card accounts, allowing them to buy freely and to spend money without having to plan ahead;
  • Increase your competitiveness - you do not need to turn down clients who wish to pay by card;
  • Enhance your corporate image - you use contemporary payment methods, thereby increasing your service quality and enabling you to satisfy ever greater customer expectations.


All transactions are charged according to the bank's Tariff.

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