Business Bank cards

Business clients can take advantage of the benefits offered by ProCredit Bank cards. This is a simple and secure way to pay businessexpenses quickly and conveniently, at any time, without the need to carry cash with you. 

The ProCredit Bank card is as well a necessary tool to have access to all the services provided in the bank's 24/7 zones.

For more information, please contact us at 2316008840 or 801 100 71 71

or Visit a branch of the bank, convenient for you.

How to pay contactless with VISA Business payWave?

  • At the POS terminal or another prominent place in the premises look for a sign for contactless payment;


  • After the cashier enter the amount of the purchase bring your card to the specified location with the symbol of POS terminals;
  • The terminal has audible and light signal after the transaction is completed;
  • If the purchase is up to EUR 50, PIN code entering is not required;
  • No signature is required regardless the amount.
  • No issuance fee;
  • No additional charge for products and services purchased using the card domestically, abroad or on the Internet;
  • Contactless payments for amount up to EUR 50;
  • Access to your money at all times;
  • Visa Electron cards have a chip, which protects the cardholder from fraudulent activity.

All cards issued by ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD are enrolled automatically in the Verified by Visa programme which increases the online payments security.

The Verified by Visa logo should appear on the websites of participating retailers. These sites will challenge the clients with additional passwords to be entered when making Internet payments.

For internet merchants not participating in the Verified by Visa programme, no passwords will be required.

All cards are secured with 2 - password protection:

The first password is static, automatically generated upon requesting a new card. Additional information is available in the Welcome letter which comes along with it.

The second password is dynamic. It comes by SMS.


Appropriate for All cards issued by ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD

Payments will be verified by 2 passwords:

- Static (constant) password – it is automatically generated as described in the welcome letter.

- Dynamic (one-time) password - may be used only once for the specific payment requested.

Aim Increasing the Internet card payments security.
Fees Please see the Bank’s price list



Safety recommendations for operating with the banking cards of ProCredit Bank on an ATM:

If you are performing the operation abroad, pay attention whether the logo, which is also attached to your card, is present on the ATM;

  • Give preference to ATM, positioned in a branch of a bank;
  • When entering your PIN, cover the keyboard with your hand and do not allow others to watch you;
  • Do not forget your card in the ATM slit;
  • If you find anything wrong during the operation, you can cancel it by pressing the CANCEL button;
  • If the ATM withholds your card, contact the issuing bank immediately. The contact phones are indicated on the ATM;
  • Do not trust persons, who offer to help you and ask you to repeat the operation by entering your PIN code.


Safety recommendations for using the banking cards of ProCredit Bank on the Internet:

Locate the sign . If this sign is present on the site, this means that it has been verified by the international card organization, which makes it relatively safer;

  • Do not make payments from public access computers;
  • Do not leave the card number or your other personal data near your computer and do not put them in documents, files, etc.;
  • Do not give your personal data and these of your card to another, in order to avoid abuse when paying online;
  • Do not enter a PIN - in order to make a payment online, you don't enter a PIN, but a CVC (indicated on the back of the card itself).


Recommendations for keeping the PIN and the banking card 

Keeping the Personal identification Number (PIN):

  • The PIN should be kept well, since it is through it that you access your funds. No one but you should know your PIN; 
  • It is best to memorize your PIN - do not write it down or give it to another person;
  • Do not keep you card and PIN together;
  • If you decide to change your PIN, do not use subsequent numbers or numbers, which are easy to guess, like birthdates, your phone number, your car, etc.

How to keep your banking card properly?

  • Protect your card from mechanical damage like bending, breaking, scratching, damping.


TELEPHONE NUMBERS for contact in the case of issues with the banking card 
ProCredit Bank: 

Call Centre phone number: 2316008840 or 801 100 71 71.