Instruction for subscription

A subscription is an informational service which the website of ProCredit Bank offers to all of its visitors. Anyone who wishes may register his or her e-mail on which they can receive news and important notifications from the bank.

How does the registration work?

In the provided field in the lower left corner of the page “About Us/ Media Center” write down your e-mail and click on “Subscribe”.

If the system has accepted your e-mail, the following message will appear: “Thank you! You will receive a confirmation e-mail”.

Afterwards check your e-mail. There you should have received a message stating:

“Thank you for adding your e-mail address to our database. Please click here to confirm.”

By following the link here you will confirm your registration.

With that your registration is complete.

You may unsubscribe from this service anytime you receive and informational e-mail. You can do that through following the special link, provided at the end of each e-mail.